Archives for March 2013


Bless Your Heart

Dear Eli, Thanks for letting me keep your paper today. You reached for it. I held on tight and asked you if I could save it forever. You smiled a little, somewhat embarrassed, I think, and said “sure.” Thanks. You probably wondered why I … [Read more...]


Unaware and Unharmed

Dear Aden, I feel as though every letter I will ever write to you starts with a smile. As I start typing your name, I smile just thinking about your most recent escapade of the day. This particular day, you were so unaware of what harm almost came … [Read more...]


A Sure Cure for Sorrow

Dear Eli, I wish I could promise not to “talk out my sorrow” any more. That I won’t ever get caught up in my own stuff again. That I will notice you more than myself. That I won’t waste a moment of our lives together. But in an effort to be … [Read more...]