The Only Honey To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

Dear Eli, Aden, Bella & Lucy,
This is my first letter I’ve ever written to all four of you. Of course, you can read one another’s letters. And I’m sure you will.
But this one, I wanted all of you to have. Because it’s an important “honey to-do.”
It’s early in the morning, and I’m writing because today is such an important day for our family. It’s Father’s Day and your dad’s birthday. Though I’ve thought about this day all week, it’s the morning of the big day and as I said to a friend earlier this week, “I got nothing.”
No gift. No big shindig in celebration. No card. Nothing.
Not for lack of time spent in thought over how to best celebrate this day. I’ve wondered if we should eat at a nice restaurant, go to the zoo, go boat riding? The final decision was to grill steaks, swim at your Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s house and invite over some family.
And I plan on ordering him a cookie cake from his favorite bakery.
(Full disclosure. I ordered the cake. Dropped the cake. But we still ate the very messed up cookie cake.)
Cookie Cake
But it feels inadequate. While at a wedding last night, the preacher reminded the bride the words of Ephesians 5:33. “Let the wife see that she respects and reverences her husband, that she notices him, regards him, honors him, prefers him, and esteems him and that she defers to him, praises him, loves and admires him exceedingly.” (Ephesians 5:33 AMPC)

Honey To Do


Truthfully, most of the first part of the verse escaped my attention. It was when the pastor finished telling the bride to “admire [her groom] exceedingly” that my mind began dwelling on those words. What does it even look like to admire someone exceedingly?
Do I admire your dad exceedingly?
I want all of you to know in this letter that my answer is yes.
I do.
I often tell your dad I love him. You all hear me tell him. Eli, you’re at an age where you’ve started rolling your eyes if we say that kind of stuff. The rest of you make faces if we so much as hug or kiss.
But I want you to all know that I also admire him exceedingly. As in, not just a little bit. I admire your father a lot. Exceedingly. More than any other man.
On this birthday/father’s day, I want you to know why.
He’s a hard worker. Your dad works harder for our family than I ever imagined any man would work. He often goes in early, works hard, and then lately, comes home and works on building our house.
He’s honorable. His decisions prove over and over again that he loves God, loves me, and loves you. It doesn’t make him perfect, but even the imperfections have been a blessing that has brought us closer to God as a family and closer to each other.
He’s generous. So many things your dad does for others goes unsung, unnoticed and unmentioned. I’m writing it here because I’ve seen how your dad loves. He loves with his actions. He gives. Of his time, of his heart, of his everything.
He loves. Your dad loves me. I never doubt this. You should never question this. One day, you’ll realize the great privilege of growing up in the household of a husband who loves his wife. And he loves you. His excitement over each of your started from the second he found out about you.
He is a great portrayal of God the Father. It’s a hard idea for many to wrap their heads and hearts around because when they think of a father, they think of a man who abandoned them, hurt them, or led them astray. Your dad protects, loves and cherishes you. He gives you a small glimpse of just how much God the Father cares for you.
Girls, he is the kind of man I hope you one day marry. I pray God blesses you with someone who’s as good to you as your dad has been to me. We have laughed more and loved more than I ever thought imaginable when we married 10 years ago. Don’t settle for less.
Boys, he is the kind of man I hope you one day become. Learn from the good things your dad is teaching you. Let his life lead you closer to Christ. When you think of role models, I pray you think of him. It’s easy to set someone you’ve never met as an example of an “ideal man.” There’s no such thing. Everyone has flaws. So does your dad. But his heart is huge. His love is real. And his pride in you two as his sons causes him to expect a lot out of you. Love him. Let him teach you. I can think of no other man I’d rather have guiding you two along the path of life.
He’s funny. I don’t often tell him this because it encourages him to tell more jokes, do more funny things, and laugh hysterically at his own sense of humor. But he’s funny. I smile just thinking how much he’d enjoy reading that I think he’s funny. I might be setting myself up by writing this.
But at the end of the day, know that I admire your dad, my husband, exceedingly. More than any other man. I prefer him.

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