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The Day the Flowers Disappeared

Their arrival came unannounced. Little by little, small blooms of lavender loveliness burst forth from sleepy buds. Days ago, we stopped to notice that on the most familiar path our family travels multiple times a day, the field blossomed, and … [Read more...]


How to Not Ruin Your Kids in Two Easy Steps

The world's been a little distracted lately. The highest ranking news story tells of Brad and Angelina. There's no last name needed because people are so familiar with their story that everyone knows exactly who I'm talking about. And unless you live … [Read more...]


A Letter To the Girl Who Didn’t Get Asked to Homecoming

I don't know your name. You probably feel like no one knows your name. That you've gone unnoticed and uninvited. I've seen the social media posts of boys asking girls to homecoming in insanely creative ways. Writing invites in their front yard, … [Read more...]


Confession: My Daughter Told Me I Never Laugh

I wanted to tell her it's not true. I did tell her it's not true. But even as the words came out of my mouth, I knew her words rang truer than mine. Can words be truer?  Hers felt like a truer stab into a place I didn't want to admit was there. … [Read more...]


Three Ways the Birds Weathered the Storm (And So Should We)

The birds may never have known of the storm's imminence. Or maybe they did, but found themselves unable to get away from the circulating winds and torrential rains. No doubt, every bird tried to tear away from the storm that would tear them away from … [Read more...]


The Day I Spray Painted the Minivan

Some mornings glow. There's the rosiness of early sunrises, kids who get along. Nutritious breakfasts. Orderliness and obedience. All tucked neatly into the one-hour period before we shove out the door, dropping kids off to school, reporting to … [Read more...]


How I Almost Forgot Why I Write

It's not the beginning I envisioned. I dreamed of beautiful pages, beautiful fonts, beautiful pictures. Disappointment ached in my throat before I ever typed any words to add. I compared under the guise of research, and stumbled upon site after site … [Read more...]


When Broken Brings Beauty

There’s been broken places. I’ve wondered if others have heard the places where my soul has seemingly cracked under the weight. The creaking, cracking and breaking. Surely, the echoes were heard. But masked by brave smiles, it’s been the … [Read more...]