Three Ways the Birds Weathered the Storm (And So Should We)

The birds may never have known of the storm’s imminence. Or maybe they did, but found themselves unable to get away from the circulating winds and torrential rains. No doubt, every bird tried to tear away from the storm that would tear them away from their home. But they were caught in the storm anyway.

Thousands. That’s how many were trapped inside the inner-most walls of the hurricane’s raging. With the fierce winds circulating in the whirlwind, it must have felt out-of-control and impossible to navigate.

The ferocity of the hurricane that tore through Florida a little more than a week ago, then tapered out along the southeastern coast, is calm now. All over, but a storm days ago, has left thousands of birds in a new place, far from where they ever thought they’d be.

Have you ever felt a little like the birds of the storm? Wrenched from where you loved and landed someplace you’ve never been?

The thermal images of the thousands of birds in the storm tell the story.

How do birds fly through a storm and live?

How do we fly through a storm and live?


They move toward the center of the hurricane’s spiral. Not perfectly, not even organized, not in the beautiful formations we are accustomed to seeing birds travel. “More likely, they’re out there in all this wild wind and [then] they chance into the calm of the eye” the story says. His creations always reveal the Creator. Even in their habits and the way they survive the storm.

We make an effort to move toward where peace is found. The storm is still all around; it may not go away today or tomorrow, but staying in the center of peace will help you lift your wings and be able to fly again. Today, you’re not flying. You’re looking for peace. It’s found at the center of the storm.

Peace In The Storm

We keep seeking. Keep looking to Him. In every storm. He knows the way. He knows when the wind will subside. Though he doesn’t take away the storm, he guides you through.


Make an effort to stay there. The birds at the center of the hurricane are there because they continued fighting against getting sucked back into the winds. “They make an effort to stay there and travel with it rather than fighting the winds again.” The wind is there, and it’s still blowing, but instead of fighting the storm, the effort is in staying in the center. The One who holds all power to calm the wind and waves doesn’t tell you to fight against a storm you can never calm. Instead, He says:

Stay with Me.

At the center of every storm is the One who calls himself Peace.

He doesn’t always take away the storm.

I’ve prayed for storms to dissipate and disappear. Over and over again. But He’s said no. What felt like disappointment in an answer I didn’t want to hear has sometimes led to life I’d never thought I’d lead. In a place I never knew before.

He always answers.

It’s hard to hear him in the storm. I’ve listened to the winds, and I’ve listened to the roar of the storm surrounding me. Learning to listen to Him in the quiet has been harder than I thought. So I make an effort to “stay there.”  I will not fight the winds he did not tell me to fight. I lift my prayer toward heaven: Please help me to stay in the center.


We fill ourselves with food before we know we will be thrown into the storm. The birds that survived the hurricane are the ones with bellies full of food that they ate before they knew a storm would come their way. “The majority of seabirds, if they are not too weakened from having flown for so long without food, will probably find their way back to shore quickly,” the bird expert says about hurricane birds. The weak ones who didn’t make it didn’t have enough food in their belly. The ones who were well fed before the storm are the ones who found their wings again when the wind subsided.

The ones who weren’t full of food? They didn’t all make it.

We feast on Him before the storm comes. We call on His Name before we need Him. We learn of His Presence without a storm on the horizon. And when the storm inevitably comes, we are full of Him, and though the storm rages, we depend on the truths we have feasted on when we knew not what would come.

“I am the living bread that came down from heaven. If anyone eats of this bread, he will live forever.” John 6:51

He calls himself the Bread of Life. Bread that keeps giving new life. We aren’t required to do anything but feast on Him. Our fullness always comes from the feast He provides.

And when the storm subsides, His light breaks through. The Light has been there all along, but was blocked by the clouds and wind and rain. 

Charles Spurgeon says it as one familiar with storms.

“Jesus in the dark is as good as Jesus in the light; and Jesus, when you cannot see him, is as good as Jesus when you can.”

Peace in the Storm

More than anything, I want to see Him. But there are days when I feel as though the storms and wind and rain block my view. I’m flying blind, and I don’t like the feeling at all. But I fly anyway, knowing that when the storm subsides, His light breaks through.

They call the storm birds displaced. Birds far from their home. Removed from what they once knew and shifted by the storm into unfamiliar territory. But some say the storm birds bring new beauty to the place where the storm dropped them. For those who are watching for them, they’re a rare glimpse of beauty in a new place they now call home.


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