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5 Lessons I Hope My Daughters Don’t Learn This Election Year

They call the president of the United States the Leader of the Free World. The unofficial leader of all who are free. Yet, the mud-slinging sleaziness of this election has caused me to cringe, as discussion has revolved around the ranking of women's … [Read more...]


If you’ve messed up for good , maybe it’s good you messed up

We walked out the building, and I saw her leaning against the van, crumpled paper in hand, tears streaking  her face. Part of me wanted to walk the other way. I don't have time to settle one more fight. One more whine. One more emotional … [Read more...]


When our calling is called to us everyday

Dirty dishes were piled high in the kitchen sink. Though it was late afternoon, the breakfast dishes still sat where everyone had hurriedly placed them in the sink during the morning rush. I placed my hands into the sink, running the water to scrape … [Read more...]


To Embrace the Season is to Embrace Him

I’ve scorned the seasons. Casually dismissed entire lumps of living as “just a season” as though all the worth was held in the upcoming season. I’ve looked at the leaves of my life falling around me and held them with disregard, as though only the … [Read more...]


When Halfway There Feels Like the Middle of Nowhere

There's been some disappointments this week. And we're only halfway through. Sometimes halfway there can feel like the middle of nowhere. Take me back to the beginning or bring me to the end, but this middle place isn't where I'd hoped to be. Then … [Read more...]


When You’re Lonely and Feeling Less Than, May You Remember the One Who Calls You By Name

Dear Bella, This is a letter to you. But it's a letter to me. Even as I type the words on the page, I know that I'm trying to tell you what I tell myself. Loneliness crept in this week at school for you.  You didn't tell me right away. You … [Read more...]