To Embrace the Season is to Embrace Him

I’ve scorned the seasons. Casually dismissed entire lumps of living as “just a season” as though all the worth was held in the upcoming season. I’ve looked at the leaves of my life falling around me and held them with disregard, as though only the bounty of spring and summer mattered.

But the quiet stillness of cold months.

It’s where I’ve grown.

Where I’ve allowed dead things to fall away, replaced by seasons of great grace.

The fragility of the flower’s bud in spring is beautiful, but the deepening of His roots during the bare seasons of fall and winter has been what holds together the future glory. 

He’s promised to make everything beautiful in its time. I’ve held fast to the promise but failed to recognize the marvel of the season I’m in. Fall and winter have felt like dull drudgery to a soul longing for the refreshing of spring and summer.

May I never again casually dismiss a time in my life as “just a season.”

For he promises:

“He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.” (Ecclesiastes 3:11)

No one can fathom

The promise of eternity sets ablaze with purpose the dead things of fall and winter that his hand of providence always sees through. How can I dare to say I understand the middle of what God has seen through from beginning to end? When it’s all eternal, the fall becomes as beautiful as the spring.

The dead places still speak his name. 

The barrenness of winter sings his glory. 

The stillness of darkening months beholds his majesty. 

His eternal plan is not always evident in the season of slow growth, but it’s always there. His presence promises that eternal hope thrives, even in the coldest of seasons. Even in the loneliest of places. In the stillness of the hard months.

When God’s good bounty is evident, I’ve become lazy in looking for him. But in the quiet of seasons that tried my soul, I learned to look for him and watch as one desperately seeking. It was in the desperate places that divine goodness gave greater revelation.

This season is not one to grind through with clenched fists, praying for a quick spring and early summer. But I thankfully lift my hands in the hardest of seasons. Holding fast to the promise of his purpose in every season.

The seasons seared into my mind are the ones I did not ask to see. No one longs for the winter, but when it’s over, it’s often the time we most recall his presence.

Charles Spurgeon says it easy as though everyone ought know: “Jesus in the dark is as good as Jesus in the light.”

His goodness in every season does not change. Seasons come and go, but the goodness of God is unfailing.

When my heart wrapped its weary self around that truth, the still waters of peace broke over me.

Hard roads were no longer regarded as “just a season,” but a promise filled with the presence of one who is ever present in every season.

I rest confidently in the murky middle of unknown places and changing seasons, knowing he has seen the beginning and the end. This passage into new seasons births forth his plan, as surely as the seasons change.

May the changing seasons change me.


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    Embrace The Changing Seasons

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