When our calling is called to us everyday

Dirty dishes were piled high in the kitchen sink. Though it was late afternoon, the breakfast dishes still sat where everyone had hurriedly placed them in the sink during the morning rush. I placed my hands into the sink, running the water to scrape off food that should have been scraped off plates hours before.

dirty dishes

How many hours have I spent at this sink? Doing this very thing?

Then I saw her dart across the corner of the window. She was in my line of vision one moment and out of it the very next. Her dirty-blonde hair swinging as she ran made me smile. How I love that girl. Then she was out of sight again.

And only the dishes remained.

A few seconds later, and she bobbed across the frame of the window again. This time, she looked up and caught my eye. She darted back out of my view. She didn’t wave or ask me to join. If I’m honest, just a few months ago, she would have ran inside and asked me to play. But school time mom isn’t the same as summertime mom. I sometimes hate school time mom. School time mom says we are on a schedule, and fun really isn’t on it.

But on this evening, with fall finally creeping into the air, four of the five kids were outside playing. And suddenly, I knew it’s exactly where I wanted to be. With them. The sink of dirty dishes could wait a while longer.

I wish I could have recorded the cheers they greeted me with when I walked out to play. As sweet as the cheers were, it reminded me of how little I’ve stopped to play over the past few weeks. I can’t even explain the crush of life during the string of days that seem to blur together in busyness. Or maybe I can. It simply feels like there’s no time for fun.

Surely there’s still time for fun.

When I stepped into their game, their laughter became infectious. What I only heard dimly from inside was oh-so-loud when outside with them.

With them.

I want to savor that.

The sun lowered itself over our neighborhood, and its rays lit up the last moments of our foursquare game. Had I stayed inside doing what needs to be done, I would have missed it all. So much laughter. And the sunset.

And them.


I’ve struggled balancing it all. Them. The needs to be done. The must be done or all this will crumble.

I don’t have to wonder what my “calling” is when they “call” me mom. My calling is spoken over and over again by those dearest to my heart every day. Everything else is just extra. What if I’d never stopped to notice them or play with them that day? I would have been the one to have missed out.



Their game would have went on without me. I hear it day after day when they ask me to stop to notice them time after time. If I ignore them long enough, they quit asking. I’ve ignored instead of embracing. I’ve let life dictate demands instead of delight.

I best show them God’s love when I show them my delight in them. He delights in us, and when I delight in them, they learn of a God who adores them. Who looks on them with lavish love. His eyes are on the ways of man. 

He can’t stop watching us. Like a doting father on a child, he can’t tear his eyes away. I thought for years, that God was watching my every move. Like a warden watching a prisoner. How that changed when I envisioned a father watching his child in whom he loves. He can’t look away.

I’ve watched my children at events and never noticed the other children surrounding them. Because the ones my eyes are most drawn to are those I’m honored to call mine. 

When He calls you His, He can’t tear his eyes away.

The prodigal son didn’t have to announce that he’d returned home. His father never quit watching and waiting for him to return to him.

I’m not sure if they screamed with excitement because I joined the game or if they screamed in excitement because my eyes were on them. I saw every bounce of the ball, every quick move, every detail of the end of their day. They didn’t have to find me inside to tell me of the details of their game. I already knew because my eyes were on them.

I wasn’t distracted by dirty dishes. The most pressing of things needing to be done are often just that. A distraction. The dishes can wait. No one’s life was ruined because we let them sit a little longer. There’s a whole lot of glory in the everyday moments of sunshine and smiles.

I’d almost missed this one by not taking the time to really look out the window. When my eye became drawn to what mattered most, we were all drawn together.









  1. Meryn says:

    “We don’t have to wonder what our calling is when they call us mom”. Somehow you just know what to write and when to write it. This was a MUST READ for any mother struggling with “yes I’m a mom but what is my calling?”. You’re writing is amazing J:) Blessings through words

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