Archives for November 2016


Does it all really matter?

I've said the same words over and again these past few days. I've kept them in my head, hardly daring to speak them aloud. But today, I mentioned the question out loud, in casual conversation. Is anything I'm doing here going to matter … [Read more...]


When we all gazed at the same supermoon

So we all stood outside last night with upturned faces, looking toward a moon everyone called super. We went twice, once all together and one quick peek before bed. During the last look, I thought of the people all over the world who have turned … [Read more...]


Hot dog wishes & hot tears

She threw her coin in the fountain on the way into the restaurant. Without thought of the time-honored tradition of keeping your wishes secret, she proclaimed to anyone close enough to listen: "I wish for a million hot dogs!" The wish startled … [Read more...]


Four words to anchor your weary soul

I watched two of the boys wrestle this afternoon on the rug, neither willing to let go. Both hoping mom wouldn't intervene and stop what they considered fun. They grappled and groped, their wrestling pushing them forward, neither winning. Neither … [Read more...]