When words aren’t really worth it

The words tumbled out fast. Words turned into sentences. Sentences into paragraphs. Paragraphs into a lecture. Sandwiched in the middle of the lecture, I threw both hands up in the air, proclaiming he should always "seek to understand others more … [Read more...]


Eggrolls, music videos, & black teeth

This post may feel a little out of character for those who only know me through this blog. Though our family moments are sometimes poignant and somewhat precious, we are most often very ridiculous. It starts from the top and trickles right on down to … [Read more...]


Can You See Me Now?

It came out in just a few words. Here's how she said it, via text. Because sometimes we can write things we wouldn't dare say aloud. I just think, "I am useless, I am invisible, I am wasting my time." All the heartache in 11 words. Useless, … [Read more...]


Two ways to make sure you’re giving the best gift

There's gray clouds and dreary skies, today. A bone-chilling cold that won't leave, even with a cup of hot tea and fireplace blazing. Earlier, one of the boys worked hard to light a fire, trying to get the cold out and usher in the warmth … [Read more...]


When we’re waiting for the new thing

I'm waiting for Christmas morning. I'm 36 years old, and I'm waiting. There's a part of me that loves the countdown to Christmas. The days checked off a list. The promise of something good coming at the end of all those scratched off … [Read more...]


Does it all really matter?

I've said the same words over and again these past few days. I've kept them in my head, hardly daring to speak them aloud. But today, I mentioned the question out loud, in casual conversation. Is anything I'm doing here going to matter … [Read more...]


When we all gazed at the same supermoon

So we all stood outside last night with upturned faces, looking toward a moon everyone called super. We went twice, once all together and one quick peek before bed. During the last look, I thought of the people all over the world who have turned … [Read more...]


Hot dog wishes & hot tears

She threw her coin in the fountain on the way into the restaurant. Without thought of the time-honored tradition of keeping your wishes secret, she proclaimed to anyone close enough to listen: "I wish for a million hot dogs!" The wish startled … [Read more...]


Four words to anchor your weary soul

I watched two of the boys wrestle this afternoon on the rug, neither willing to let go. Both hoping mom wouldn't intervene and stop what they considered fun. They grappled and groped, their wrestling pushing them forward, neither winning. Neither … [Read more...]


5 Lessons I Hope My Daughters Don’t Learn This Election Year

They call the president of the United States the Leader of the Free World. The unofficial leader of all who are free. Yet, the mud-slinging sleaziness of this election has caused me to cringe, as discussion has revolved around the ranking of women's … [Read more...]