Unaware and Unharmed

Dear Aden, I feel as though every letter I will ever write to you starts with a smile. As I start typing your name, I smile just thinking about your most recent escapade of the day. This particular day, you were so unaware of what harm almost came … [Read more...]


A Sure Cure for Sorrow

Dear Eli, I wish I could promise not to “talk out my sorrow” any more. That I won’t ever get caught up in my own stuff again. That I will notice you more than myself. That I won’t waste a moment of our lives together. But in an effort to be … [Read more...]


Exactly. Like. Me.

Dear Bella, As I write this letter, my heart pounds inside of me. I only hope I can express myself well enough that you will one day understand the heart behind this note. I often joke that I have two daughters who look nothing like me. The day I … [Read more...]


No. I Didn’t Wash the Sheets.

Dear Bella, It’s time for us to have a girl-to-girl talk. The kind where we are honest with each other, admit our faults and move on. You’re only four, so we haven’t had too many of those. And I’ll admit. I’m taking the easier path by writing a … [Read more...]


Did You Really Just Eat Your Baby?

Dear Lucy, You and Bella played together for hours tonight. It's kind of cold, it had been raining, and we stayed inside since we got home from school. You both chose to ignore the boys (who were doing random things that you girls apparently … [Read more...]


Do I Laugh or Cry?

Dear Aden, It’s 11 at night, and I find myself unable to sleep. My body is exhausted, but my mind reels with thoughts of today. Mostly, I keep thinking about you. You elicit such strong reactions from me. Hysterical laughter. Heartfelt … [Read more...]


The Secret to Overcoming Failure

Dear Eli, As I write this letter, I think of all the things I have taught you in your seven years of life. It's overwhelming to me, that so much of what you know has come directly from me. I hear my voice sometimes when you talk. It's in the … [Read more...]


Would You Hold My Hand?

Dear LuLu, I'm starting off this letter to you with an apology. I'm sorry. Just in case I forget to tell you when you are older and can understand a little better, it's true. I'm sorry. Why? Because sometimes I forget that you are two. But … [Read more...]


When You Ask Me if I Still Love You

Dear Bella, Oh, Bella .... maybe it’s just been a long day. Or maybe I just worry too much. Probably a little of both.  I love you.  I just want that to be ever so loud to you and from my heart. Let me say it again. I love you. I never … [Read more...]