5 Lessons I Hope My Daughters Don’t Learn This Election Year

They call the president of the United States the Leader of the Free World. The unofficial leader of all who are free. Yet, the mud-slinging sleaziness of this election has caused me to cringe, as discussion has revolved around the ranking of women's … [Read more...]


The Heartache in One Headline

Dear Eli, It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m so tired. One day, when you’re a father, you will understand the enormity of Christmas. The late-night wrapping on Christmas Eve, the early-morning rising on Christmas Day. And the visiting of … [Read more...]


The Only Honey To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

Dear Eli, Aden, Bella & Lucy, This is my first letter I’ve ever written to all four of you. Of course, you can read one another’s letters. And I’m sure you will. But this one, I wanted all of you to have. Because it's an important "honey … [Read more...]


Bless Your Heart

Dear Eli, Thanks for letting me keep your paper today. You reached for it. I held on tight and asked you if I could save it forever. You smiled a little, somewhat embarrassed, I think, and said “sure.” Thanks. You probably wondered why I … [Read more...]


A Sure Cure for Sorrow

Dear Eli, I wish I could promise not to “talk out my sorrow” any more. That I won’t ever get caught up in my own stuff again. That I will notice you more than myself. That I won’t waste a moment of our lives together. But in an effort to be … [Read more...]


The Secret to Overcoming Failure

Dear Eli, As I write this letter, I think of all the things I have taught you in your seven years of life. It's overwhelming to me, that so much of what you know has come directly from me. I hear my voice sometimes when you talk. It's in the … [Read more...]