5 Lessons I Hope My Daughters Don’t Learn This Election Year

They call the president of the United States the Leader of the Free World. The unofficial leader of all who are free. Yet, the mud-slinging sleaziness of this election has caused me to cringe, as discussion has revolved around the ranking of women's … [Read more...]


For the Love of Truth

Dear Lucy, I don't get the lies, Lucy. I just don't. Today, in the latest of a string of tall tales, you told your Mother's Day Out teacher that I'm pregnant with a girl. Not true. That was after you told her you received an iPad and iPod … [Read more...]


The Only Honey To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

Dear Eli, Aden, Bella & Lucy, This is my first letter I’ve ever written to all four of you. Of course, you can read one another’s letters. And I’m sure you will. But this one, I wanted all of you to have. Because it's an important "honey … [Read more...]


Run to Him

Dear Lucy,  It feels incredibly hard to explain so many things to you lately. You’re so young, but so inquisitive. Truly, it seems as though your conversations are mature well beyond your years. Nothing passes you by, and sometimes, you catch things … [Read more...]


Did You Really Just Eat Your Baby?

Dear Lucy, You and Bella played together for hours tonight. It's kind of cold, it had been raining, and we stayed inside since we got home from school. You both chose to ignore the boys (who were doing random things that you girls apparently … [Read more...]


Would You Hold My Hand?

Dear LuLu, I'm starting off this letter to you with an apology. I'm sorry. Just in case I forget to tell you when you are older and can understand a little better, it's true. I'm sorry. Why? Because sometimes I forget that you are two. But … [Read more...]