The Day I Spray Painted the Minivan

Some mornings glow. There's the rosiness of early sunrises, kids who get along. Nutritious breakfasts. Orderliness and obedience. All tucked neatly into the one-hour period before we shove out the door, dropping kids off to school, reporting to … [Read more...]


How I Almost Forgot Why I Write

It's not the beginning I envisioned. I dreamed of beautiful pages, beautiful fonts, beautiful pictures. Disappointment ached in my throat before I ever typed any words to add. I compared under the guise of research, and stumbled upon site after site … [Read more...]


When Broken Brings Beauty

There’s been broken places. I’ve wondered if others have heard the places where my soul has seemingly cracked under the weight. The creaking, cracking and breaking. Surely, the echoes were heard. But masked by brave smiles, it’s been the … [Read more...]


Until the Courts Say What Our Hearts have Already Spoken

Dear Gavin, This is your second birthday you've celebrated with us. You celebrated nine before you lived here. I have so many words in my soul for you, ones that I want you to cling to and love. But until the courts say what our hearts have … [Read more...]


For the Love of Truth

Dear Lucy, I don't get the lies, Lucy. I just don't. Today, in the latest of a string of tall tales, you told your Mother's Day Out teacher that I'm pregnant with a girl. Not true. That was after you told her you received an iPad and iPod … [Read more...]


The Heartache in One Headline

Dear Eli, It’s the day after Christmas, and I’m so tired. One day, when you’re a father, you will understand the enormity of Christmas. The late-night wrapping on Christmas Eve, the early-morning rising on Christmas Day. And the visiting of … [Read more...]


The Only Honey To-Do List You’ll Ever Need

Dear Eli, Aden, Bella & Lucy, This is my first letter I’ve ever written to all four of you. Of course, you can read one another’s letters. And I’m sure you will. But this one, I wanted all of you to have. Because it's an important "honey … [Read more...]


Run to Him

Dear Lucy,  It feels incredibly hard to explain so many things to you lately. You’re so young, but so inquisitive. Truly, it seems as though your conversations are mature well beyond your years. Nothing passes you by, and sometimes, you catch things … [Read more...]


Just Bounce.

Dear Bella, Today I learned that you don’t like bouncing. Not even a little bit. We jumped this afternoon on a friend’s trampoline. I love trampolines. I’m trying to convince your dad we need one in our backyard, but he’s not buying my story … [Read more...]


Bless Your Heart

Dear Eli, Thanks for letting me keep your paper today. You reached for it. I held on tight and asked you if I could save it forever. You smiled a little, somewhat embarrassed, I think, and said “sure.” Thanks. You probably wondered why I … [Read more...]